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Keynote Presentation

Dr. Jennifer Bebergal

Associate Dean for Retention & Academic Support, Florida Atlantic University

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I Don't Know What This Means: Program Tutors and Student Needs Within Adult Education

Donna Cobis & Rob Wilkinson, Florida State College at Jacksonville

Banner-Coming Soon.png

Building Your Team: Creating a Successful Student Staff Training in an Online Environment

Erika Staiger & Kiara Kumar, University of Central Florida

Extreme Makeover: The Online Pre-Semester Tutor Training Edition

Patrick Dempsey, Florida Atlantic University

Hired Remotely? How to Transition to Working on Campus

Elyse Budkie & Samantha Tackett, Florida State University

Featured Presentations

Leveraging Wikipedia in First-Year Experience Courses

Caitlin Richardson & April Gaddis, Miami Dade College

Mastering the Board: Simplifying Gamification

Pamela Suguimitzu & Leslie Bofill, Miami-Dade College, Padron Campus

Reinventing Academic Support – Closing the Distance between our Team, Students, and Services

Alyson Enk & Logan Mullins, University of West Florida

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Supporting Those Who Support Our Students: An Academic Probation Initiative for University Housing Student Employees

Holly Hunt, Florida State University

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