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The 7th





Hello Florida!


We hope this finds you in good health.


In the wake of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the Florida College Learning Center Association (FCLCA) board members met on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 to discuss conference plans.  Below, are specific items that were addressed and we wanted to be sure you were informed:


Spring 2020 Annual Conference


As a way to ensure the safety of our professional community, the FCLCA board members have decided to officially cancel the conference for spring 2020.  We discussed a variety of options to provide professional development opportunities to you this summer, but ultimately decided to plan for a spring 2021 conference.  Regarding individuals that made payments, anything that has been submitted via PayPal will NOT be processed for the spring 2020 conference.  We share in your sentiment that we will miss this professional development opportunity, but we will ensure your spring 2021 experience is spectacular!


Florida Atlantic University will continue to serve as the host institution and we look forward to seeing you here.  We will be sure communication is sent out to you regarding the 2021 conference. 


Conference Proposals/Sessions


We would like to thank everyone that submitted conference proposals – and send congratulations to those who were accepted to present.  Please understand, we do not want your hard work to go to waste.  We invite you to keep your conference presentation idea and present at the spring 2021 conference.   We will send information out pertaining to this through the upcoming months and will open up the portal to others that would like to submit a conference proposal.  Therefore, please stay tuned for more information. 


Florida College Learning Center Association Membership


According to Article 8 Section 8 of the Bylaws Of The Florida College Learning Center Association, Inc., it states, “The membership year will begin on April 1 and terminate March 31 the next calendar year.”  In light of our current position, the FCLCA board agreed to extend general memberships through March 31, 2021. 


FCLCA Board Member Positions


During the FCLCA annual conference, the transition of board members generally occurs.  According to Article 10 Section 3 of the Bylaws Of The Florida College Learning Center Association, Inc., “The President may temporarily fill any vacancy among the officers by designating a replacement from among the members of the Association who shall serve until the next annual successor shall be elected.”  Annually, the Vice President’s position is up for election and other board positions are made available every two years (outside of the President and Immediate Past-President).  Based on the unusual circumstances that we are in, I am making a declaration that the current board remain intact until the next annual conference occurs.  Nominations/Elections for upcoming positions will be made available to you through the upcoming months.


We understand that as you are preparing to support students through various means, while many institutions are closed, it is going to get busy for you.  Nevertheless, we would like you to know the FCLCA board is here to support you through your transitions – as we are each making transitions within our own institutions.  While you continue to navigate through this time, personally and professionally, we wish you all the best. 


Cheers to a happy and healthy rest of our semesters.


Ronald Romances Johnson

Associate Director, Center for Learning And Student Success (CLASS)

Director, Academic Support Services
President, Florida College Learning Center Association (FCLCA)

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