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Keynote Presentation & Follow-up

Keynote Presentation & Follow-up Session

Dr. Paul Nolting, State College of Florida


Academic Support

Apps & Websites

Keynote PPT

Math Study Skills


SLS Study Coach PDF


Resources Checklist

A 'Step Ahead': Collaborative Partnership in a Summer Bridge Program Redesign

Stacey Parker, Ashley Langston & Allison Bacigalupi, Florida Gulf Coast University

A Step Ahead


Collaborating Across Campuses: A Multi-campus Approach to Selecting, Training, and Evaluating Tutors

Kristie Keuntjes & Jennifer Stoker, Rasmussen College


Collaboration Across Campuses Presentation PDF

Session I

Session II

Probation Recovery Initiatives: The Key to Student Success

Sara Hamon, Florida State University

Rebecca Piety & Morgan McAfee, University of Central Florida

Natasha Taylor, Florida Gulf Coast University

Probation Recovery Presentation PPT

Probation Recovery


Handout 2

Handout 1

Peer Mentor Collaborations: Aiding the Evolution of Newly Hired SI Leaders and Tutors

Jessica Elam & Michelle Papania, Florida Atlantic University

Peer Mentor Collaborations


Tweet Us, Like Us, Friend Us: Promoting the Learning Center and Building Rapport in the Digital Age

Marc Fedderman & Kim Copeland, Palm Beach State College


Tweet Us, Like Us,

Friend Us PDF

Unlocking an Understanding of Academic Intergrity: Training Tutors

Lindsay Singh & Elise Syoen, Florida Gulf Coast University


Unlocking an Understanding

of Academic Integrity PDF

Key To Success


Ethical Dilemma


Get Your WIG On: A College's Strategic Application of Learning Assistance Indicators

Jeff Nasse & Rolando Garcia, Broward College


Get Your WIG On PDF

Session III

Using Collaboration

to Support STEM PDF

Using Collaboration to Support STEM

Jesse Rogers & Marjorie Simon, Palm Beach State College


Creating and Running an Anatomy and Physiology Lab

Esmeralda Sweeney, Ehsan Siddique, Marta Bautista, & Francois Sylvain, Broward College

Creating and Running an Anatomy and Physiology Lab PPT

"Get Wise": Academic and Student Affairs Live in Harmony

Angel Nevin, Florida Atlantic University

Get Wise Presentation PDF

Roundtable for Learning Center Administrators: Centralized vs. Decentralized Learning Centers, Funding a Learnign Center and Other Key Topics

Bonnie Smith, Chipola College

Jennifer Bebergal & Ronald Johnson, Florida Atlantic University

Elizabeth Caulfield, Debra-Anne Singleton, Helena Zacharis & Latanya McNeal, Palm Beach State College

Zoraya Betancourt & Shaina Gonzalez, University of South Florida

Roundtable for Learning Center Administrators PDF

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