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Seminole State PPT

Campus Tour Presentation

Seminole State: Beyond Available

Joseph Huston, Seminole State College


Keynote Presentation

Student Sucess: Who's Business Is It?

Dr. Thomas Miller, University of South Florida


Keynote PDF

Session I

Revealing the Value of Co-Located Tutoring/Writing Consultants and Reference Librarians

Suzanne Robertshaw & Susan Montgomery, Rollins College

Co-Located Tutoring PPT

Starting Smart with Learning Resources

Matthew Bodie & Jennifer Gregor, St. Petersburg College

Starting Smart PPT

Session 2

Stretching Budgets to Meet Expanding Needs

Winifred Cooke & Robert Bailey III, University of Florida

Stretching Budgets PDF

Fly Thru Finals: Moving the Tutor Lab to the Library

Lynn Wyche & Elizabeth Gonzales, North Florida Community College

Fly Thru Finals PPT

Re-Imagining the Academic Workshop: Five-Minute Magic

Michele Boyette & Melinda Rojas, University of North Florida

Five-Minute Magic PDF + Notes

Session 3

Encouraging STEM Tutorship

Vicenta Shepard, Jocelyn Nardo, Talia Kroner, Michael Aguad & Ramon Zardon, Florida International University

Encouraging STEM Tutorship PPT

The Universal College Campus - Accessible Technology for All

Brad Held, University of Central Florida

Universal College PDF

Effective Tutoring Strategies: CRLA Training Through Campus Collaboration

Helena Zacharis, Debra-Anne Singleton, Barbie Edgar & Mara Abrams, Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton

CRLA Training Prezi

Session 4

Making Magic Happen Through Mentoring in a Learning Center

Jennifer Bebergal, Florida Atlantic University

Making Magic Happen PPT

Session Handout Docx

The Magic Behind Male Student Achievement

Mark Gumble & Andrew Quigley, University of Central Florida

Magic Behind Male Student Achievement PPT

Session Handout PDF

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